Privacy Statement

Description of personal data file as required by the Personal Data Act (523/99), Section 10

1. Controller of the file

Suomen Urheiluopisto / Vierumäki Country Club Oy
Urheiluopistontie 373
Tel. +358 03 8424 11 (switchboard)
Fax +358 03 8424 5755

2. Person in charge of the data file

Jani Kangas
Urheiluopistontie 373
Tel. +358 03 8424 11

3. Name of the personal data file

Hockey Centre User Register, HC Service

4. Purpose of the register

Personal data is needed for the purposes of enabling membership, implementing and developing interactive services and for customer communication. Data can also be used to track and investigate potential misuses.

5. Data content of the file

Obligatory data for use of the HC Service:
•    First name
•    Last name
•    E-mail address
•    Password
•    Title
•    Language of the service
•    Time zone
•    Guardian’s e-mail address (if user is a minor)

The HC Service provides tools for collecting various data (profile, training diary, tournament feedback, player assessments, test results etc.). Data collection and use requires the User’s consent. The User consents to the data collection and use upon registration. If the User is under the age of 18, the guardian’s permission is needed. Data on Player Users is collected as he/she fills in a training diary where personal data is used to choose appropriate exercises. Also, registered coaches and officials of the same club or team can key into the register feedback, player assessments and test results on the Player Users. The data is used for the development and training of Player Users and improving the trainer-trainee interaction. All personal data collected or entered into the Service is user specific. Collected or entered User data is available to the User and his/her team’s coaches and officials registered as Users. On each team’s pages there is a list of those registered team and club coaches and official who have access to and can collected personal data. The list is available to the User. When the User is removed or removes him/herself of the team licence, the coaches and official registered as Users cannot see the data collected of him/her. In that case, the data concerning the User remains in the register, however, it will not be used. When the User joins a new team, the coaches and officials of that team registered as Users can see the data collected of the User. The User has at all times the right to prevent the transfer of his/her data when changing teams. He/she can also have entries concerning him/her removed by a written removal notice to the Service Provider. In case the User is under the age of 18, permission from the User’s guardian is needed upon registration for the collection and use of personal data. The guardian has the right familiarise themselves with the personal data of the minor User within the register. This is done by a written request to the Service Provider. Concerning personal data transfer and removal from the register, the guardian of a minor User has the same rights as the User.
The use of the HC Service content may be tracked at times e.g. by transferring cookies to the customer’s computer. The purpose of tracking is to collect information on how and when the HC Service is used. The information enables the improvement of the HC Service to better serve the customers. The information is also used to follow the number of visitors. The collected information cannot be used to identify an individual customer. In addition to the tracking, the User’s session information can be stored. The session information is stored on a server and removed as the User logs out of the system, or automatically by the garbage collection process. The session information enables e.g. logging in the HC Service.

6. The sources of data in the personal data file in adherence to the regulations

The Users have consented to submitting personal data upon registration or in the internet service during their customership, or otherwise. Personal data is also collected from coaches and officials registered as Users within the same team as the User. In addition, the SLUnet Sporttirekisteri, population register, the Finnish Direct Marketing Association’s call prevention register or any such registers may be used to collect and update data.

7. Disclosure of data and data transfer outside the EU

The Controller of the file may disclose personal data within the limits of valid legislation for the purposes of direct marketing, telesales and market or opinion surveys. The Controller of the file shall not otherwise disclose personal data to third parties. If the disclosure of data becomes relevant, the customer’s consent is asked in advance. The data shall not be handled or transferred outside the EU or the European Economic Area.

8. Principles of data security

The data network and equipment holding the file is protected by a user ID, password, firewall and other technical systems.

9. Guardian’s consent, right of inspection and the right to prohibit

In case the User is under the age of 18, permission from the User’s guardian is for the collection and use of personal data.
The User has access to all data in the service concerning him/her. According to the Personal Data Act, the User can prohibit data concerning him/her to be handled, transferred or submitted for the purposes of direct marketing and telesales. The guardian of a User under the age of 18 has the right to inspect the personal data and prohibit the handling and transferring the data for the purposes of direct marketing and telesales by notifying the Controller of the file in writing.