IIHF Video Rule Book - Women's Hockey

The International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) in their ongoing campaign to promote and develop women’s ice hockey around the world, are pleased to announce the launch of the IIHF Video Rule Book – Women’s Hockey.

The aim of this resource is to help National Associations in their understanding of the IIHF playing Rules and specifically the rules interpretation governing women’s ice hockey.

The IIHF hopes that the Video Rule Book together with the IIHF DVD “Officiating Standard for Women’s Hockey” which was distributed to all National Associations will assist in the development of all areas of women’s ice hockey: female players, coaches and game officials.

- IIHF Officiating Committee


Click a link below to open video examples of rule violations.

The videos are also available for downloading on the right side of the page.


Good Play, No Penalty - Battle for Puck

Good Play, No Penalty - Body Contact

Good Play, No Penalty - Collision

Good Play, No Penalty - Body Position

Good Play, No Penalty - Incidental Contact

Good Play, No Penalty - Players Compete

Good Play, No Penalty - Unavoidable Contact

Rule 471 - Disallowing a Goal

Rule 520 - Boarding

Rule 525 - Cross-Checking

Rule 528 - Fisticuffs or Roughing

Rule 531 - Holding an Opponent

Rule 533 - Hooking

Rule 534 - Interference

Rule 536 - Kneeing

Rule 537 - Slashing

Rule 539 - Tripping

Rule 540 - Checking to the Head and Neck Area

Rule 541 - Body Checking

Rule 544c - Shooting or Throwing Puck Outside Playing Area