Coaching Development

The IIHF Sport Department has developed the programming, planning, and resources for the operation of the IIHF Coach Development Program. This includes course syllabus, contents, and evaluation for all the coach education seminars. This educational program is designed to follow the strategy whereby the program operates as a joint venture between the International Ice Hockey Federation and National Associations.   

IIHF Instructor

The IIHF recruits and trains candidates to become IIHF Coaching Instructors and their role is to:

  • Assist National Associations operating coaching clinics in their nation.
  • Work on IIHF National Association Coaching Instructor Seminars.
  • Be a coaching mentor for the National Association.

IIHF Coach Development Program

Each National Association is encouraged to use the IIHF Coach Development Program resource materials either as the core development program or as a supplement to an existing program for education of their coaches.

The IIHF Coach Development Program has four educational levels:

  1. Introduction to Coaching  
  2. Level I
  3. Level II
  4. Level III

All four levels have manuals that contain topics in the ten subject areas: Introduction, Leadership, Teaching/Learning, Organization and Planning, Communication, Physiology, Psychology, Technical, Tactical, Safety and Risk Management, and Rules and Regulations.

The Level I and Level II manuals have videos and drills that reinforce the Technical and Tactical sections of those manuals.

The Coaching Program is linked to the Learn to Play IIHF player development Program by way of the Introduction to Coaching.

Build Your Practice

For coaches using the Drill bank, you can make lists of your favorite drills, or even build your next practice! Video examples show how the drill works. Share the practice online with your team before you get to the rink by publishing them to your team folder. Print out your practice and take it with you to the rink.